Kraft paper is used widely nowadays. They have an amazing property and nature that makes them a favorite to many vendors and the packaging industry. There are several uses of kraft paper but one of the main uses is in packaging. Here’s how kraft paper is used in the market.
  • Making food bags for the supermarket or grocery store.
  • They are used in making envelopes.
  • To make carry bags because they are not only attractive but durable also.
  • It is also used in making corrugated layered cardboard.
  • They are used in the packing of individual products and also fill the void in between if any.
  • It is possible to have prints on kraft papers. Therefore, some brands prefer packing with kraft papers and have their brand name printed on them.
  • Colored kraft papers are a great choice for school students. They use them in making projects, scrapbooks, bulletin boards,s and beyond that.
  • The food industry and commercials also make use of kraft papers. They can pack food like burgers, sandwiches, etc., in kraft papers to make eco-friendly wrapping.
  • The fashion industry is making use of kraft papers. They insert apt-sized kraft paper during the packing of clothes to ensure that they remain in good condition.